Why is choosing the right diaper size important.

diaper size

Parents are confused by the number of different diaper brands available in the market. Variations in different sizes and various brands have put parents in jeopardy. Keeping this in mind, we are introducing you to a guide on how you can choose the right diaper for your little one. Let’s make your parenting journey smooth and seamless. 

Why is the right diaper size important?

The right diaper can make absorption and ventilation smoother thereby helping the baby to have a smooth movement. If the baby wears small or large diapers making them too tight and causes the baby to become uncomfortable.

How can one recognize the best quality diapers?

Newborns require upto 12 diaper changes in a  day. Diaper size is taken into consideration depending on a baby’s comfort. Today, two types of Diapers are available in the market — taped and pant diapers. Therefore, mothers/parents need to choose a diaper that offers durability and are highly absorbent.

Taped Diapers:

Taped diapers are suitable for a Newborn babies. They create space for leg movement by adjusting the diaper under the navel. This ensures there’s no room for leakage and the baby is at comfort. 

Merries’ taped diapers are of NB (Newborn) size. They come with easy removal and better fit options allowing the baby’s skin to breathe. Moreover, it reduces the possibility of any rashes or red marks around the belly. This helps the baby to be more comfortable and helps them sleep peacefully.

Directions for use:

  • Let your baby lie on their back.
  • Put the diaper under their body.
  • Fix the diaper by fastening the side elastic in symmetrical positions.
  • According to the baby’s comfort, adjust the diaper.

Pant Diapers:

Earlier diaper changing was a tedious task for parents, for example, to fix a baby’s diaper, parents had to make the baby stand still which caused trouble for the parents as well as their little ones. But pant diapers make it hassle-free for the parents to change the diapers multiple times in a day.

Pant diapers help the baby be more comfortable by providing ample leg space to move around. The triple-layer system throws the water out thus preventing any leakage, rashes and redness. 

Below are the various sizes of Pant diapers:

NB: For Newborn

S: Small for 4 to 8kgs

M: Medium for 6 to 11kgs

L: Large for 9 to 14kgs

XL: Xtra Large for 12 to 22kgs

XXL: Xtra Xtra Large for 15 to 18 kgs

How to choose the right fit?

Parents of newborns look for comfort for their little ones, but considering the market competition today, Diaper companies have confused parents leaving them no choice but to follow the crowd. Hence, to help you choose the right diaper for your child, we have stated some of the primary factors or prerequisites for choosing the right fit. Let’s follow. 

Soft and Breathable:

Diapers have to be soft and breathable otherwise they can lead to rashes. Choose highly breathable diapers which allow the air to pass thus reducing the chance of rashes.

Thin and Lightweight:

Most thick diapers make it difficult for the baby to move and it aggravates the rashes. But diapers that are thin and lightweight help the baby to move around. So make sure the diaper is comfortable and light for the baby to be comfortable.

Wetness indicator:

Wetness indicators help in understanding if the baby diaper has to be changed immediately or not. Merries pants have a smart wetness indicator in which color changes from yellow to blue to as more and more water is absorbed.

Absorption rate:

One of the crucial factors is the absorption rate. If the absorption rate is slow it will lead to frequent changes in diapers. A high absorption rate is more sustainable cost-wise. 

How Merries can help you?

Merries diapers have all the above features and more. Merries main goal is to make children comfortable and happy while wearing our diapers. Our diapers are specially designed with high absorption rates that will help in reducing diapers. 

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