What is the difference between diaper pants and Tape diapers?

Diapers are your baby’s best friend. They keep wetness away, allow a breathable, comfortable fit, and prevent any kind of leakage. Good diaper brands such as Merries are particularly designed for
● High absorbency
● Breathability
● Diaper change indicator
● Soft and gentle touch
● and a snug fit
These features provide a comfortable experience for your baby and also help reduce instances of diaper rash.
There are different types of diapers available in the market; mainly diaper pants and tape diapers. So,here are the key differences between diaper pants, and tape diapers to help you choose the perfect one for your baby.

What Are Tape Diapers & Diaper Pants?

Tape diapers are diapers that have a tape mechanism to hold the diaper in place for a snug fit.
Normally for newborn babies and up to their weight of 5 kgs tape style diapers are recommended as they don’t move as much as toddlers do. To remove tape-style diapers, you have to pull the tapes off and then remove the diaper which generally requires you to lay your baby down.
Whereas, diaper pants are diapers that are wearable like pants. That means you can easily slide the diaper pants onto your baby with them standing or laying down as convenient. Diaper pants also have much more stretchability for a better, snug fit and they allow much more range of movement for your toddler. As toddlers can’t sit still, diaper pants offer a better fit and leakage protection. To take off the diaper pants you can just easily tear them off from their two ends and remove them easily, which makes putting the diaper pants on and taking them off, a much easier task.

Which Diaper Is More Suitable?

Both the diapers, whether it is tape diapers or diaper pants are suitable for babies of different weights and age groups. tape diapers are much more suitable for newborn babies whereas, diaper pants are a more suitable option for toddlers and older children. In the case of Merries diapers pant style diapers can be used when the baby comes in the weight range of 4kgs to 28kgs of weight.
Usually, babies start to wiggle around, move, and walk as they grow up and hence, they require a much more range of movement with a snug fit. For that diaper pants or pant style, diapers are appropriate.Also, not to forget that it is no easy task to settle down a growing toddler. Diaper pants make your task of putting the diaper on a lot easier as you can easily slide them onto your baby.

How To Put On Tape Diapers?

Usually, for newborns, you can easily change tape style diapers when soiled with these easy steps;

Grab a fresh diaper and baby wipes.
● Lay your baby down gently and place the new diaper directly beneath the soiled diaper.
● Once you’ve opened the tape tabs, unfold the top half and gently wipe without rubbing.
● Now, with care, gently lift your baby’s legs with a hand behind their knees and thoroughly
remove all residue.
● Then place the used wipe inside the soiled diaper and remove the soiled diaper.
● Gently lower your baby and secure the diaper with the tape provided.
● Use your fingers to adjust the side gathered around your baby’s thighs evenly so as to prevent
leakages. If the edge is folded inwards, the diaper may leak.

How To Put On Diaper Pants?

Follow these easy steps to change diaper pants when soiled

● Stand or sit your baby up while changing the diaper. They can also be laid down in a sleeping position.
● To remove the Pants Diaper, either pull it down or tear open the sides. Wipe the bottom clean.
● Take out a fresh diaper and put your hands through the leg holes of the diaper.
● Diaper pants have immense stretchability, so you can easily stretch the diaper and then slide the diaper one leg at a time through the pant holes.
● After you’ve slid the diaper pants on, use your fingers to adjust the side gathers around your baby’s thighs evenly so as to prevent leakages. If the edge is folded inwards, the diaper may leak.

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