What are the best newborn baby care tips for the age of 0-6 months?

Parenting is as daunting an experience as it is life-changing. The happiness that a newborn baby is in your world is immeasurable and so it is your responsibility to give them only the best. Good thing is, it all starts right in the first month. Did you know that babies grow tremendously in the first three years?

So, every food, every touch, every physical activity helps build up your baby’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities. Hence it is imperative to know the best ways to care for your child. Here are some newborn baby care tips and baby care essentials for the aged 0-6 months of babies. 

  • At first, slowly build trust between you and your baby. Let them see, hear and touch you slowly so they build their trust. This also strengthens your bond. 

  • Smile and laugh in front of your baby. Soon they’ll respond in earnest. Let them associate emotions with expressions and be happy around them. 

  • Encourage gestures and slight movements like rattle colorful toys in front of them and encourage them to reach for it slowly. 

  • Play simple games with your baby like let them focus on your hand and then walk your fingers towards them and tickle them gently.  

  • Newborn babies usually need a feed every 2-3 hours or as per their demand which means you’ll need to nurse them close to 8-13 times a day. Remember that for the first six months, babies are to be given only milk, either breast milk or formula milk as it contains vital antibodies and the nutrition that your baby needs.  

  • Don’t forget to burp them after eating as babies swallow air while eating which can cause gas. Burping helps expel all that air out. 

  • The diaper is your superhero. Normally, a newborn baby goes through 8-12 diapers a day. So always keep an eye on the time and switch it accordingly. Wet diapers tend to increase the chances of diaper rashes. 

  • While you hold your baby, make sure you’re supporting their head and neck with one hand and hold them snuggly. Newborn baby’s backbones continue developing from birth and so they can’t hold up their heads independently initially. 

  • Massaging your baby is essential. Massaging provides better blood circulation for your baby and it is also quite soothing and a great way to bond with them. Give them a massage right before their bath and talk to them while massaging them.  

  • Newborns can sleep at least 16 hours in the first 2 months. Usually, they nap for 2-4 hours, waking up if they’re uncomfortable, hungry, or wet. Try taking a nap whenever your baby sleeps. Parenting is exhausting so you better steal as much energy as you can while they’re also sleeping.

  • Grooming is imperative. Bathe them in warm water, with soothing soap, and powder them well so keep the humidity away. Also, trim their nails as newborn baby’s nails tend to grow quickly and they might end up scratching their face. Gently trim their nails when they’re sleeping.

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5 comments on “What are the best newborn baby care tips for the age of 0-6 months?

  1. I totally agree with you building a bond between you and the kid is really important. Thank-you for sharing this blog with us and listing down such helpful tips on baby care. I am sure it’s going to help a lot of new parents out there.

  2. Love the tips!!!!
    We have an 11 week old and she’s been treating us so good — sleeps RIGHT THROUGH the night!!!! 🙂

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