This independence day, let’s choose freedom from diaper rash with Merries Diapers

Lets choose freedom from diaper rash with merries diapers

Every year on 15th August is celebrated as India’s independence day. We celebrate being free, and happy, and liberated, and why not? Who would like there to be anything that stops them from feeling free, right? Well, the same applies to your little ones as well. Did you know that diaper rashes are one of the leading causes of discomfort in babies?  It hinders their movement, making them cranky and irritable. Surely they want to enjoy their playtime freely. 

Diaper rashes are skin irritation that happens when your baby’s skin stays in direct contact with moisture and this is just one of the reasons. That is why it is important to choose the right diaper for your child. Premium quality diaper brands in India use the best of baby care ingredients that can reduce the instances of diaper rashes for your child. Hence making the correct choice of baby diapers for your little one is of utmost importance. But what can be called a correct diaper? 

  • Choose from diaper brands in India that use ultra-soft material that is soft so that it won’t chafe your baby’s sensitive skin. If you see redness, marks around your baby’s bum, upper thighs, or tummy then either the material is not soft and not gentle to the skin. 
  • Not getting the diaper size right also affects your baby’s movements. If they’re uncomfortable or they feel restricted then they won’t be able to play as much as they want to, they’ll be cranky and in discomfort. Hence, get the size right. The diaper should fit snugly against your baby’s tummy. Put your finger underneath the band of the diaper, if you feel it is too tight then it probably is. Whereas, if the diaper is too loose then it’ll cause leakage. 
  • Wet diapers are your baby’s enemy. The last thing you want is to have your baby sitting on wet diapers or stuffy diapers. Some bad diaper designs do not have mechanisms to release the stuffiness and tend to trap all that body heat and moisture in, hence, increasing the chances of diaper rash. 

What can be done about Diaper Rash? 

Now, is there a guaranteed miracle remedy to avoid diaper rash? Maybe not. It is one of the leading problems in newborns and toddlers alike. But there surely are a few precautions you can take to make sure you’re keeping the rash at bay. A product that stays in direct contact with your baby’s skin needs to be of good quality and comfortable. 

Here’s a quick checklist of the unique qualities that make good quality diapers you can choose from

  • Good quality diapers such as Merries diapers can soak up to 300x times their weight in urine. This allows them to stay dry for long hours. 
  • Diapers that use an ultra-soft and wavy diaper material fit softly against your baby’s skin so the chances of chafing go down considerably.  
  • Another big benefit of using good diapers such as Merries is the well-organized micro-air channels throughout the diapers that allow the heat to escape thus keeping the diaper light and comfortable for your baby. So, even your baby can enjoy her freedom and play as much as she wants.  
  •  Some diapers have a clever color-changing wetness indicator that turns blue when the diaper is full. Thus, alerting you when you need to switch your baby’s diapers. This decreases the chances of wet diapers staying in direct contact with your baby’s skin and causing irritation. 

Merries diapers offer you benefits such as super absorbency, well-organized airflow in the diapers, soft material, and a wetness indicator that can largely reduce the chances of your baby getting diaper rashes. This independence day let your little one enjoy their freedom from redness with Merries Diapers and smile and smile more.

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