Summer Time Baby Care – 7 Things To Keep In Mind

The season of sweltering heat, warm wind, and humid days are here and no one is happy about it; especially your tiny one. Babies hate summers just as much as we adults do, the difference is they can’t crib about it the same way. And therefore, you need to take extra care of your baby in this sweating heat. Summer brings a lot of unpleasantries for your baby such as heat stroke, dehydration, heat and diaper rashes, loss of appetite, low energy, irritable mood. But parenting is about finding the way no matter what, right? So here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind for your baby in summer. 

  1. Keep Them Well Hydrated – Just as adults are advised to drink more water during summer, the same applies to babies. However, a newborn child cannot drink direct water as growing babies and toddlers can. Hence, you need to frequently breastfeed or give them formula to make sure your baby is well hydrated.
  2. Light clothes – In summer all kinds of skin irritation and rashes may spring up due to the heat and sweat. Since the baby’s skin is quite sensitive, it easily gets irritated. That is why a lot of babies suffer from diaper rashes or body rashes, redness, and itchiness more than usual. To tackle this, dress your child in light, breathable clothes to ensure their skin is dry and cool.  A material like cotton can absorb all the sweat and moisture keeping your baby dry and comfortable.
  3. Avoid Noon Time Outings – Babies are highly sensitive to the sun rays and can easily get heatstroke or heat rashes. Thus, it is best to avoid taking your child out between 12 pm – 4 pm. If you have to then dress the baby accordingly. Dress them in light and breezy but full sleeve clothes, cover their head with a cap. You can carry an umbrella as well for them.  
  4. Massages – We all know that it is good to massage newborns before their bath but you also have to keep the temperature in mind. Opt for a lighter oil such as coconut oil. It absorbs quickly into the skin and is also known to cool the skin down.  
  5. The Right Food – You can give fruits, yogurt, and juice to your toddlers during summer. It is a good way of getting some water in as well as keep them cool and their bellies full.
  6. No Nappy Time – If you can, and this does not apply to newborns, but if you can then try to give your toddler some nappy free time in the summer. The diapers can feel stuffy around the waist and the legs. To avoid this, an easy option is to opt for a diaper with well-organized micro-air channels such as Merries diapers that keep the diaper inners dry and comfortable.
  7. Stay Vigilant – Stay vigilant about possible signs of uneasiness and cranky due to development of rashes or itchy skin.

 How To Avoid Diaper Rash During Summer? 

According to pediatricians, one of the leading reasons for diaper rashes is wetness and stuffiness. Wet or stuffy diapers can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and cause diaper rash. Using diapers with better breathability and high absorbency would be a good way to keep the rash at bay. 

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Diapers such as Merries diapers have well-organized micro-air channels to keep the diaper dry and comfortable. Merries diapers also have a clever wetness indicator that changes color when wet. This helps you to know when to change the diaper making your job easier and the baby more comfortable. With your baby taken care of, get yourself a cooler and enjoy the summer bloom.

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