New Parents! – Is Your Checklist Complete?

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Throwing a birthday party? Start with a birthday checklist. Need to buy monthly groceries this weekend? Well, make a shopping checklist. Assisting your friend in planning their wedding? A checklist will help take care of every minute detail. A regular chaotic day at work turns constructive if using a checklist. Have you become parents recently? Then the new parent checklist will definitely save you from the end moment anxious frenzy.

In today’s fast-paced world, where tasks are way more than the hours in a day, checklists aid in running the different aspects of life smoothly. You’ll find a stark difference in the time, money and energy consumed when you go shopping with a checklist handy as opposed to when you go without one. And they’re especially useful for new parents. Why? Because as first-time parents they’re already on edge and perturbed. An infant might need any of the newborn baby care products at any time and in such situations planning ahead using a checklist and having the essentials at hand has a calming effect. Take a look at this comprehensive checklist below. You can compare with your own to see if you’ve missed anything, or you can make your own with its assistance or yet, do let us know in the comments what you think we need to add.

  • One of the first things required for a newborn are the clothing items. Newborn clothes, swaddle cloths, wash cloths, baby towels, cloth nappies, hats, socks and mittens. And of course, a hamper to hold these and a laundry detergent for baby clothes too are necessary. Using muslin cotton materials and woolen clothes specifically suitable to a newborn’s skin are of essence as per the climatic conditions. 
  • Next come those products that take care of the baby’s nutrition. Nursing pillows and nursing bras for those women who have decided to breastfeed. Whereas for those mothers who choose to bottle feed will need 4oz feeding bottles, bottle warmer, breast pump, breast milk storage, newborn baby formula and not forgetting, bottle detergent.
  • Now that the baby is fed, it must answer its nature’s calls as well, right? So, coming to your rescue are the disposable newborn diapers. At a time when parents are exhausted with all the additional work that comes along with a newborn, disposable baby diapers are probably their best bet. At the same time choosing a high absorbent diaper will ensure the parents and the child have a good sleep. However, when using diapers, parents also need to keep in mind it’s snug fit around the waist and the legs. A good fit, that comes with selecting the correct diaper size and brand for the child, helps prevent any leakage. The breathability of a diaper is yet another factor to consider. The higher the breathability the better it is for a child’s sensitive skin. One of the brands that rates higher than most in this matter is Merries. Along with being dermatologically tested, Merries newborn size has 3 layer air through system which helps to reduce stuffiness. Obviously, wet wipes, changing pads and diaper caddy also become indispensable. 
  • After having cleant the baby, a warm water bath soothes the baby. And for this a ‘no tears’ baby shampoo, a baby soap and a moisturizing baby lotion are the prerequisites. A bath support is mandatory for those who don’t know how to bathe infants in the traditional Indian way. To bathe the infant in the morning, a baby oil for massaging it is also needed.
  • Now that the baby is all fresh, you can take it out for a stroll in the stroller, or a drive in the car with the car seat. And while we’re on the topic of baby’s nursery, let’s not forget the bassinet/crib for the infant. A baby monitor, a baby bouncer or a baby swing also won’t harm.
  • The other add-ons in this baby care products checklist will undoubtedly be the infant’s general medicines, thermometer, first-aid kit and nail clippers. And for play time, keep those baby toys, baby books and tummy time playmat handy.

So, this is as comprehensive a baby care products checklist as any. Let us know what you’d like to add to this one.

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