Listen to the stories of moms who have tried Merries diapers. They are happy to see their babies smile and smile, you should too.


Amazing Product

“The best quality diapers available for a baby no Rash no exchange wish it was easily available in the market but but still thank you Amazon for keeping it blindly go for it we have tried pampers huggies Poko Pants but marriage is the best works All Night sometimes even works for 12 hours will recommend to all new parents good luck.”

– Karan Purohit

Nice diaper

“Its a very good diaper. Didn’t find any issue so far, have been using it for my LO (little one) since 5 days. These have good soaking power. As compared to pampers premium this one lasts for 6hours and keep the LO dry. Would recommend if the baby has rashes then go for it as it has good material, soaking power, air flow.”

– Amrit Parimoo

Nice product must buy

“Very nice product equivalent to pamper active best in class only size is bit bigger as compare to other brand . Good absorbing capacity.”

– Girish

Excellent, exceptional and value for money

“Best diapers I have ever used for my baby. Its an amazing product. So soft and great soaking capacity. Its worth every penny I have spent……. Keep up the good work Merries.”

– Nidhi

Diaper With Japanese technology

“It is a great product from japan.Material of diaper inner layer is soft so no rashes. Its very gentle for babies dedicated skin. It locks wetness away for up to 12 hours of dryness so my baby can sleep for whole night without disturbance.. The unique product design enables a comfortable fit. Flexible waist band which can stretch upto 2.5 times so it won’t give rashes on tammy also that adapts to baby’s movements for a comfortable fit. My opinion to all new mom to use this diaper once.. you definitely love it.. m very satisfied with quality.. love it..”

– Vaishnavi Rupwala

Best diapers

“I was in search of such diapers which are rash free,soft,super absorb-able power,no leakage problem,comfortable,best quality for my baby,which sticks my babies waist…and thus I got these super duper diapers from merries after starting using this diapers to my baby it is correct size,sticks my babies waist,it is light weight and got good absorbing power,it is easy to use and it’s strips color changes to blue as an indicator to change them..I would recommend this to every baby..making babyhood awesome.”

– Parveen Neha

See something different and see something new

“It is amazing product because my baby is always sleeping because your credit and then finally cool Diapers from merries are the best for babies available in India. Quick absorbing power, no leakage??These diapers are fantastic! I was recommended Japanese diapers Merries by a friend , very high quality. These are great!! There was not irritation”

– Laxmi Budhapa

Good. Just perfect in size. Long lasting.

“Good. Long lasting. I can say that it is really long lasting. And the size was also perfect for her which was expected from the product. Really satisfied me and I will surely purchase from you from now for my baby. It is good to use at night time also.”

– Prachi Masurkar

Soft as Cotton

“Merries, was recommended by my cousin. Very comfortable for my baby. Elastic does not leave mark and very much suitable at night time. The colour indicator is very much useful. Absorption capacity is very fast and there is no leakage. No irritation. No wonder it’s Japan’s no. 1 brand. I am very thankful to my cousin for recommending me Merries.”

– Mohit Bania

A genuine super product for young ones.

“A super quality , product from merries. Never heard the brand before in india but saw the positive reviews and took a chance to try the product.
I was genuinly satisfied with the product quality. It have won my trust and satisfiction. Previously i used mamy poko pants but since this i have shifted to merries . Mamy is a good brand but sometimes rashes were there on kid by mamy.
But this packets i have not seen any rashes. All 62 pcs used but no rashes . This is my second order and first review. All the positive by people are true and trust me the product is a must try product.
Baby’s will not have any skin problems with this product. Also the capacity of this diaper is actually.more than the other product i used. Give it a try .”

– Jenis

Happy to buy it again

“My baby he is newborn…suffering from heavy rashes due to ordenary diapers i hv perchase frm market…i was searching a good diaper…and yes i found it…its Merries really he sleeps well no rashes nothing its benifit is dat it has a indicator line though which u can know its time to change the diaper now…anywaz i love it and will definetly buy it again and again hope u people open ur eyes and go for the good product for ur babies…try it ones the u will believe…thnk u Merries”

– Rani Baruah

Must Buy

“Been using pamper premium, ultra soft Huggi.but this the best product.though my baby didn’t get any rashes from huggies,it leaves kind of marks on the waist line. pamper premium has leakage problem.i just bought this product after reading Rewiews, it’s amazing, so soft, no marks on baby’s skin. And best part it holds the pee up-to 5-6 hours. No foul smell. Happy baby happy mom. Go for it”

– Shyaam

Must buy for the comfort of your little one…

“Amazing product… I had used pampers for my new born when she was 1.5 months old but then after reading the reviews I shifted to merries must say it has never disappointed me. Have never seen rashes on my girl. I use it at night only as you can see the product is way too expensive. I ordered pampers premium this time as the price is almost double of this product. But it was a good experience, have used this product for 5 months… It has my trust… No leaks, no foul smell, works full night… And it’s cute too..”

– Nidhi Dave