• Transform Boring Diaper Duty into Fun

    New Mothers have a horrible time figuring out their diaper duty correctly, however, experienced moms are diaper ninjas. They have their babies on and off the diaper table in the time it takes for a new mom to find the wet wipes for the baby. 

    Every mom finds it difficult to cope with the diaper job. It’s intense, overwhelming and sometimes horrible when you aren’t in the mood to change the diaper and your little one shows you all the tantrums in the world. 

    Just like finding the right way to diaper duty, a mother needs to see if she is using the correct diaper for the baby. For example, a few diaper quality is so bad that it can cause baby rashes, and redness and eventually lead to infections. Hence, it is important for you first to understand what is the correct type of diaper suitable for your young one and then we will discuss how to make the diaper job more fun and seamless. 

    How to find the correct diaper for your baby?

    Your baby has very soft and sensitive skin. Therefore, your baby’s skin needs to be protected from rashes and redness. And diapers with less breathability, harsh quality and small size can cause your child’s skin to become red leading to multiple skin infections. 

    Merries Diapers is developed keeping in mind the protection of your young one’s skin. Hence, Merries Diapers is made of breathable material that allows your little one’s skin to breathe. In addition, it has high absorbability that soaks wetness around the skin to reduce the chances of rashes. It comes in various sizes to allow your child to stay happy and comfortable through different ages until toilet training. 

    You can find baby diapers online at Amazon.

    Now that you are sure you are purchasing the right quality diapers for your newborn, you can follow a few tips and tricks to make diaper duty fun and seamless for you and your little one. 

    Tips to Make Diaper Duty Fun

    1. Converse with the baby

    According to some studies, parents feel that diaper changing time should be made fun for the baby. As a parent, you can hang playing ducks for the baby above him, or play a video or rhyme on the television. You can talk about the video, count or sing along for him to feel comfortable. It also gives parents the advantage of a fast and simple diaper-changing process, wherein, the baby does not disrupt the diaper-changing process by excessive crying or moving around. 

    1. Keep it Airy for the Baby

    While the baby is in the closed diaper for a long period of time, it feels restricted which causes your baby excessive irritation. Allow your baby to stay without a diaper for some time to allow air to pass through the closed area, ensuring comfort and happiness. This is a good exercise for creating a bond between parents and their newborns. 

    1. Allow Parents to Know the Personality of the Baby

    While you or your spouse is changing the diaper of the baby, you can get to know a lot about his/her personality. If you keep conversing with your young one, you will realise that he/she replies with the best energy and tactics she/he can. You can keep diaper changing time to make noises, entertain him/her with little poems, talk to him/her and wait for the revert. Who knows, you might get a real answer someday!

    1. Keep Growing as a Parent

    Isn’t it beautiful that while learning to wrap a diaper around your child, you grow as a parent? You seek out the most different side of yourself while attending to your baby. Diaper draping is a difficult task and if you are able to live through it while ensuring your baby is distracted and enjoying, you are becoming an amazing parent. 

    Diaper draping is not a walk in the park. It’s not only about cleaning your baby and finishing another baby chore. It requires much more patience and practices to understand the art as well as your kid. While you might be thinking it’s just a two-minutes job, you might end up spending 15 minutes settling your baby down in one place. Hence, it not only helps you to understand your baby but yourself too, wherein, you explore the part where you are a parent and are going to train your child to grow in various ways. We hope you enjoy the life-changing process of diaper draping and comprehending your cold’s ways to communicate with you soon with the above-mentioned tips and tricks. 

    Happy Diaper Changing!

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