Merries Diapers Turns 3 in India

Diapers are your baby’s best friend and also one of the most important baby care products every parent requires. Ever since their invention, baby diapers have made at least one aspect of parenting easier. Merries diapers started out with the simple goal of keeping babies happy and making parenting happier for parents. Started back in 1983 in Japan, Merries have strived to keep babies happy 24*7, 365 days. With an R&D-focused approach and derma tests, we make our baby care products even gentler on the skin to provide the utmost comfort and ease to our happy babies while being completely safe for our baby’s sensitive skin.  

It was only yesterday that we entered India with a simple goal of bringing happiness to babies and now look, we’re already three years old. Moms in Japan have trusted Merries as the best baby diapers year after year, we wanted to forge a similar bond of trust and comfort with our Indian moms, and we have. In the last three years, Merries has received lots of love from moms in India.

Being a part of a parenting journey, and making at least one aspect of parenting easy gives us immense joy. From watching giggling, happy, comfortable babies playing around without a care in the world to seeing the joy on their parent’s faces is what Merries has always loved. We’re more than just a diaper brand, Merries is a feeling of trust that parents have after using our baby care products. Merries is a friend to babies. Everything about Merries is meant to make babies happy, from our logo that is shaped like a cradle and it also looks like a heart to signify a parent’s love for their child.

From our fluffy white Merries bunnies that make children giggle in joy to the cute fairytale associated with it. We’ve always strived to make diapers that are better, and more comfortable. We’ve strived to make diapers that make parenting a bit easier for the parents by giving a comfortable experience to their babies. 

Merries diapers have a super-absorbent core that can soak up to 200-300xtimes its weight in urine. This enables the baby diapers to stay dry. 

And while nobody can take care of a child better than their parents, we understand the hectic schedule parenting puts you in. That is why it can be difficult to keep a track of the diaper change. To solve this problem we incorporated a clever wetness indicator in our diapers that turns blue when the diaper is full, making it easier for you to know when you need to change the diaper. 

And we know babies experience discomfort with stuffiness. To make babies as comfortable as we can and to also reduce chances of diaper rashes, Merries diapers have well-organized micro air channels in them to maintain proper airflow in the diaper keeping them light and dry. 

These along with our ultra-soft and wavy material that sits snugly yet softly against your baby’s skin prevent any leakage or chaffing. So, your little one can play as much as they want without anything coming in their way. Merries is  also dermatologically tested for diaper rash in India so you are assured of the quality it delivers.

For our three years, anniversary Merries plans to bring smiles and more smiles. We would like all parents and babies to join in our celebration and be merry.  Watch out for our never before exciting diapers offers. You can easily order Merries diapers from Amazon and Firstcry and avail yourself a whopping 50% OFF on the entire range from 10th September. So check on your stock, get the size right and get going. See you at the party! 

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  1. I love this diaper i used from since may 2018 first baby my angel, 3+ year and 2nd my baby boy, 3 month old age. I used these diaper both of them.very good diaper and comfortable no leakage, no i always suggest these diapers are very comfortable

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