Make Your Mother’s Day Special with Merries India

A Very Happy Mother’s Day To All The Supermoms

With every newborn baby, a new mother is born as well. Being a mother is one of the most exulting feelings in this world. To hold your fragile little one, cradling them in your arms and thinking, “I’ll do everything to make this tiny person happy”. And that’s what mothers do; they work all day, taking care of their babies and their families. Being a mom is extremely taxing, and exhausting, and selfless, and wonderful, and rewarding, and special; extremely special. So, are all the moms out there and that is why Merries tries to make this journey of your motherhood a little easier each day.

We understand your troubles, how big a responsibility a baby is. From their food to their clothes, their toys, their medication, their happiness to their safety, their comfort, moms take care of everything. And hence, Merries tries to reduce that workload by providing you some of the most premium diapers you’ll find for your tiny human. So, we hope this Mothers’s Day turns out to be extremely happy and more importantly a very relaxing day for all the Supermoms out there.

Merries Is Not Just A Diaper

We don’t just create diapers; we create happiness in your child’s life. Merries diapers are carefully crafted keeping your child’s utmost comfort and your ease in mind. Our gentle on the skin, soft diapers are crafted with micro-air channels that provide exceptional breathability, while keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. The high absorbency core provides longer leakage safety and the air channels help the diaper from becoming stuffy and uncomfortable for the child.

Our pant-style diapers have 2.5x stretchability, making it easier for you to put them on your child. The soft and gentle material fits snuggly against your baby’s skin keeping them comfortable and active all day. Changing diapers no longer needs to be a difficult feat. You don’t have to keep worrying whether the diaper is wet or not as Merries diapers have a clever color-changing indicator that turns blue when the diaper is wet. Easy to put on, and even easier to keep a track of, Merries Diapers are poised to make this aspect of your motherhood a smooth sail.

Perfect Product For Your Baby

The light color schemes, Merries fluffy white bunnies, and of course our high absorbency diapers are all crafted to bring joy into you and your child’s life. A happy baby makes for a happy mother and we would always want our supermoms to be as happy as they can be.

We understand that a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and can get irritated with even moisture and hence we’ve made a diaper that not only has higher absorbency and a snug fit, it is also soft. Wet diapers can lead to so many problems like skin irritation, redness, rashes and that is why not only we provide you with our exceptional breathability diapers to keep your little human’s skin dry and comfortable but our diapers also have a color-changing indicator that turns blue when the diaper is full to help you keep a track of the diaper change easily. We strive to keep your child happy and healthy; after all a happy baby grows into a happy kid.

A Dermatologically Tested Brand

Safety is imperative at Merries and that is why all the Merries diapers are manufactured in strictly sanitized and controlled factories in Japan before being packed and checked to eliminate any faulty packages before shipping. We’ve over decades of R&D experience and Merries is a well-loved baby’s essential in Japan.

In addition, Merries is dermatologically tested in India. We tested for diaper rash under Dermatological Control by C.L.A.I.M.S Pvt Ltd. INDIA.

Diaper rash is one of the most common forms of skin inflammation observed among infants and toddlers. The introduction of super-absorbent diapers has reduced serious cases of diaper rash.

The Merries Pants effectiveness test compared Merries Pants and standard diapers in India. The study was targeted at 120 healthy infants and toddlers aged 3-24 months with observations made over 4 weeks. The result was Merries Diapers total skin scores were significantly better than standard diapers one at week2 and week4.

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  1. I used the merries diapper and i totally satisfy with this diapper it is more comfort for my baby. Ultra soft and and fun play design is very attractive. Its absorbency power is grater then other diappers i like the merries diapper .

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