Some helpful tips to let your baby sleep well through the night

Babies are in their absolute innocence while sleeping. Sound sleep is pure bliss for the baby as well as the parents. We share some tips to get the baby to sleep soundly through the night.

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Are Monsoon Woes Worrisome For You and Your Li’l One?

Monsoon brings along fungal rashes, water-borne diseases & bad bacteria! Our little ones are easily susceptible to these problems & so, Merries diapers bring you some useful tips to safeguard our baby.

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Summer Care tips

Summer used to mean carefree days lying out by the pool – but as a new mom, you’re now more concerned about your baby’s sensitive skin and overall health in the heat.🔆
Here are some tips to keep in mind while protecting your baby from the raging heat.✨👶

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Baby Care Tips: Tips to buy right diaper for your baby

As soon as a baby is born a mother starts worrying about the comfort of her child.
Diapers are the baby’s most worn item. Keep in mind the following tips while choosing the correct diaper.

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5 Baby Shower Gift Idea – Merries India

we’re bringing you answers to the most worrisome topic that new mommies face. Swipe away and keep adding to the cart 😄

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Expecting baby – hospital bag checklist

Are you expecting? Are you worried you’re going to miss out on important things you must carry with you to the hospital while going for your regular check-ups?
we bring to a list of absolute essentials for expecting moms. Tick everything off this checklist before leaving for the hospital and you’re good to go!

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Baby Proof Your House – Encourage and have fun with your kid

without worrying about their safety, Encourage and have fun with your kid when they’re out and about. Check out to know more about how should we baby proof our home.

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Tips for how to bond with your newborn – Merries India

Can’t get enough of your child? We offer the ideal guide to help you bond even more with your newborn.

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Micro habits to parent better Every day – Merries India

Learn about your child’s micro habits and parent them better!👶🏻

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