Is it safe to use diapers for a newborn baby?

The myths of disposable diapers have circulated around for the longest time, ever since their invention, really. And it is high time we bust a couple of them for you. One of the biggest debates has been whether diapers are good for newborn babies. Whether they are safe.  

Yes, newborn baby diapers are safe and they’re also the first go to solution in parenting. They make the job easier, keep the mess at bay, and are quite convenient. A newborn baby can go through 10-15 diapers in a day. Which means you need to constantly keep an eye out for a change. Every time you feed them after they take a nap, random check if they’re crying. But taking care of a newborn is quite a task and it can be a tad bit difficult to follow the routine checks. You’re juggling 300 tasks when you raise a child, and baby diapers for newborns make the task easier. Here’s how they help. 

  • Disposable baby diapers help to keep your baby’s skin dry. 
  • They keep the mess confined in the diaper. 
  • The material  used is such as to avoid any skin irritation. 
  • A comfortable fit diaper makes the baby comfortable. 
  • They allow for an easy and clean disposal.

Best Diapers For Newborns 

To wear a diaper around your newborn you need to put the diaper on your little one and secure it around their waist with tapes on both sides. The core of the diaper soaks up your baby’s pee and poo, keeping the diaper dry and airy. This reduces stuffiness and moisture retention which can cause diaper rashes. Once the diaper is soiled, you can easily take it off and put on a clean one on your newborn. Quick, easy, and sanitary.  

Benefits Of Merries Baby Diapers 

Here are some of the benefits of newborn baby diapers. 

  • High absorbent core – Premium diapers like Merries diapers have a highly absorbent diaper core that soaks up to 5 times pee , hence the diaper lasts for longer hours, keeping your baby’s skin dry. This comes in handy as it allows your baby to sleep peacefully through the night. 
  • A snug fit – Good diapers like Merries diapers provide a snug fit that assures no leakage of any sort. 
  • Airflow for breathability – Newborn baby diapers like Merries have well-organized micro airy channels that maintain steady airflow in the diaper to avoid stuffy diapers.  
  • Color Changing Indicator – One of the biggest saving graces is the clever color-changing technology of Merries diapers that help a parent keep a track of when they need to change the diaper easily. When the diaper is full, it turns blue.  
  • Gentle material – The ultra-soft material of Merries diaper provides a snug yet soft grip to avoid any chafing to your baby’s sensitive skin. 

Newborn Diapers Online  

Another big benefit of using Merries diapers for newborns is that they’re conveniently available online. A newborn requires a lot of diapers. In a day a newborn baby can go through anywhere between 10-15 diapers. That is a lot. That also means frequent trips made to the convenience store to pick up more packs. But parenting is already as stressful as it is without you having to run to the store every other day or three times a week.  

Instead, what you could do is sit in the comfort of your home and order the best diapers for newborns online. Merries diapers are available on multiple online shopping sites like Amazon and Firstcry. Order your packs and get exclusive offers available online along with getting your diapers delivered right to your doorstep with just a few clicks. This way at least one part of your parenting will be easy. 

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