Identifying Your Baby’s Health Condition Through Diapers

Did you know diapers can help you in identifying your baby’s health condition? As babies can not speak as adults do, it often overwhelms parents to understand a baby’s physical problems or pain. However, a look into the newborn baby’s diaper can indicate many of the potential common problems babies experience. Are you wondering how? Read on to find out the answer.

Your baby’s poop and pee show his or her health condition. Therefore, it is always necessary to check baby diapers before disposal. If you see any of the below-mentioned warning signs, seek help immediately. 

Coloured poop in baby diapers can make your heart race. Do not worry because it is common for baby poop to be of different colours, most of the time. However, if you see these colours, take special note and seek help:

Poop mixed with Blood

If your baby’s diaper consists of poo mixed with blood resembling close to tomato ketchup or strawberry jam, there are chances that your baby is experiencing health issues like bowel intussusception or telescoped bowel.

Charcoal Black poop – Sometimes, gastrointestinal bleeding can cause black poop. Although it is very rare in babies. 

Mucus in poop – If you notice mucus in poop, it is of no concern if your baby was fed with buttery or oily food. However, if poop with mucus has streaks of blood, bacterial enteritis, also known as intestinal or bowel inflammation might be the reason. Seek the help of a doctor immediately.

Whitish or cream colored poop – Frequent pooping, almost like diarrhoea, is often accompanied by whitish poop. Sometimes babies are born with jaundice and its effects last for more than a month, resulting white poop. You can surely check with the doctor for rotavirus diarrhoea or biliary atresia, if the condition persists.

 Baby Diapers with Food Particles

You should always examine diapers if they have any particles of food. These traces can signify high-fibre food released without the digestion process. It is not a concern as it will be resolved as the baby grows and develops a strong digestive system.

Foul Smelling Baby’s Pee

Pee, without a doubt, causes a foul smell if left for a prolonged period because of ammonia content. This is the reason why you should change your baby’s diapers. Merries Diapers have a wetness indicator which informs you about the change time. Moreover, the prolonged stay in wet diapers can also cause infection or rash. So keep an eye on when to change.

One reason that may cause found odour is urinary tract infection. If there is fever with no other symptoms for a few days, visit the doctor for the UTI problem.

Baby’s Pee Frequency Decreases

It is important to note your baby’s pee frequency. In hot weather, babies will pee less. If the baby is peeing with the gap of 3-4 hours, there is nothing to worry. But if the baby is in the lactation stage and does not pee for over half a day, dehydration might be the cause.

These are some of the ways in which diapers can help you identify the health condition of your baby. If you are looking for best newborn diapers online, choose Merries. The premium diapers are dermatology tested and very soft, comfortable and gentleness to your baby’s skin. 

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