How To Choose Baby Care Products – Tips & Tricks

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In the past, only a couple of brands existed in the baby care category to choose from and some did falter at times on quality standards. A well-known baby care brand was once sued for a sum of millions for using an inimical substance for its baby product composition.

On the other hand, the present era of online purchases and social media marketing has certainly proffered time-efficient shopping and purchases. It is now next to impossible to get some free time to explore the racks and brackets at shopping marts or commercial centers. If you come across a novel brand or product, it is not difficult now to check its authenticity, features, reviews, and even price using smartphones.

However, a parent needs to know the correct tips and tricks before selecting the right baby care product. Many testimonials can be fake, the promises may be false and the information or the use of words can be deceptive.

Product Efficiency Vs Product Quality!
Most parents make their choice of baby care products based on testing their efficiency and result alone. This is when they fall prey to the hidden side effects of using that product. When products include harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your gentle and sensitive bundle of joy.

These products give desired results and are highly acclaimed for their performance, but can create side effects on your baby’s skin, eyes, hair, or lungs and may result in any form of allergy. The use of such ingredients makes the product’s texture, smell, absorbance, and application very effective. But these products can turn out to be toxic to your baby’s health and can even lead to cancer or cause intrinsic damage or irritation. Opting for genuine or natural organic products may have original subtle fragrances and modest but promising results.

Parents dwell on the false impression of using ultra-conscious products whereas they may have been outwitted with flowery words & untrue commitments. The commercials of some upcoming brands influence us to believe in certain promises that they make without any valid propositions. The process of switching to a new brand or product can be overwhelming and complicated unless you follow these tips & tricks!

Tips & Tricks to outsmart this process!

1. No Hidden Information: It is a must to read the composition, creation, or ingredients of the product in detail. As you are best aware of what will suit your baby the most or else you will be able to identify if the product is incompatible.
For instance, Merries diapers do not hide a single ingredient from the buyer. Every Merries product comes with a detailed description on the pack, where all the ingredients are mentioned for the top-sheet, back-sheet, absorbent, tape, elastic and adhesive. When a brand has nothing to hide, it speaks for its integrity and commitment.

2. Certification Checks: Check for the available certificates or certified tests that support the brand’s claims about itself and do not follow plain words that can be fabricated or exploited. Merries diapers are dermatologically tested for diaper rash under dermatological control by C.L.A.I.M.S. Pvt. Ltd. India.

3. Years of establishment & History Counts: A mature brand established over decades has showcased consistent performance and service attributes manifesting its expertise and commitment to you and the product line versus a novel brand that may have many learnings, research, and experimentation due.
Merries India has a history of more than 31 years of research & development done together with dermatologists and pediatricians. It is based on comprehensive studies and massive data collection on different local regions and diaper usage habits, skin types, reviews from mothers, dermatological test results, and extensive pre-market checks on safety, quality, and accessibility.

4. Authentic Information & Facts: Few brands pick up a current trend and proclaim its attributes exist in their brand too with no facts or processes for verification purposes. Beware of such promises that are not backed with authentic information.
All manufacturing plants of Merries diapers use the same production technology and quality control process that include ‘air showers’ to prevent external dust, dirt, or contamination. Highly sensitive sensors during production, followed by a mandatory manual test are conducted to ensure rigorous quality control

5. Authentic Testimonials: Reviews and ratings are considered the most effective medium for marketing a brand which can be misused by fraudsters. Series of fake testimonials are created to brainwash your choice and purchases. On the other hand, Merries diapers are proven to be ‘No. 1 recommendation by mothers’ by receiving the ‘Mothers selection award’ for three years in a row, by votes in Japan. Mothers have acknowledged the product’s gentle surface, absorption capacity, and breathability the most.

6. Take a sample Test: When you buy a new product and plan to take a sample test, make sure you do not use any other product at the same time. This may lead to confusion if your baby’s skin shows a reaction. Using multiple products altogether like a baby bum cream, aloe vera, diaper, and baby powder will not give you a clear understanding of the compatibility of each one with your baby’s skin.

7. Assessing Shipments: Also, it is crucial to check the manufacturing and expiry date especially when purchases are made online. A serial number is printed on every Merries diaper pack to trace every individual product information as they believe in complete product responsibility even after shipment is carried out.

Be a conscious buyer and beware of false claims and prospects. Use these tips and tricks to examine genuine baby care products and brands.

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