How long should it take for a baby’s diaper rash to resolve?

Baby Diaper Rash

The most beautiful gift in a women’s life is motherhood and the most common challenge faced by her is when the baby suffers a diaper rash. She will not rest or put herself to ease unless and until she is sure the pain and tears are pulled away from her baby’s face.

How to avoid rashes on your baby’s skin?

We all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Many parents make their decision based on the myth, that diapers turn out to be an expensive affair if you use them round the clock. However, evaluating the entire process of curing a rash, which takes your time, energy, and money, makes one change their mind. No price can be compared to your baby’s comfort and your peace of mind. Hence, move on to Merries diaper usage round the clock which reduces instances of diaper rash. 

What causes a diaper rash?

The introduction to any new food other than breast milk leads to loose poo & puffiness. Such a growing active baby also tends to pee and sweat more than before. A diaper must be effective enough to expel all this moisture and stuffiness to reduce instances of rash.  

Why Mothers using Merries diapers do not complain about rashes?

Every Merries diaper has a ‘Triple-layer air-through system’ that reduces the instances of diaper rash. The inner surface has a light airy wavy mesh which is incredibly breathable from the recessed areas, the heat also dissipates from around the waist between the gathers & the skin, and lastly, the entire diaper including the outer sheet with micro airy channels also releases the moisture & heat! 

Despite making the right choice, one must be aware of the signs & possible remedies for a rash. Usually, it might take several days for a diaper rash to be cured. However, we can reduce it to a couple of days with intensive care. The most important factor is judging or diagnosing the exact type of diaper rash and how to combat it.

Different signs of diaper rashes

  • If your baby has a mild rash some part of the baby’s skin appears pinkish. 
  • Dry skin can also be a mild rash symptom.
  • A severe rash would cause redness to your baby’s skin which can also cause pain and hyper irritation. The symptoms include crankiness, disturbed sleep patterns, and fractiousness.

Do not refrain from visiting a Pediatrician immediately and taking medical advice if severe pain, infection, or bleeding is detected. A mild diaper rash, however, can be easily treated with tender-hearted care and vigilance at home following some proclaimed remedies listed below. 

Here are some tips to resolve diaper rashes and restore your baby’s smile in less time:

Remedy #1

When your baby has a rash, you must consider increasing the frequency of changing them into fresh clean diapers for a few days. 

Remedy #2

Cleaning the bottom area a little more frequently and keeping it dry is the best way to ensure recovery from a rash. Either keeping the baby open without diapers or using cloth nappies for a short period can help the affected area recover sooner

Remedy #3

Rinse a soft cloth with warm water or use wet wipes to clean your baby’s bottom and then pat it dry. Three days of this procedure should help tackle the diaper rash problem.

Remedy #4

A zinc oxide ointment or petroleum jelly can be gently rubbed in the affected area

which is compatible with the baby’s sensitive skin and will not cause any other ill effects.

Remedy #5

Some parents believe in natural remedies rather than using off-the-shelf products. There are several such procedures that are followed with experiences from previous generations, like applying aloe vera gel or breast milk.

Remedy #6

The baby’s skin should be exposed to open air for a while between every diaper change to make sure their delicate skin is completely free from any kind of moisture. 

Another important factor that may have also caused this unwanted redness to your little bundle of joy can be any change in the baby’s diet or any allergies associated with baby food supplements. 

Environmental changes can also cause rashes to your baby while you are on your vacation and may have carried your baby for long hours and have been exposed to different climates & temperatures.  

The parent’s plight of watching their baby in discomfort is heartening. One can also try switching diaper brands to make the baby comfortable. Buy Baby Diaper Online, Merries diapers with its per absorbent reduce instances of rashes and they can be easily bought online and reach your doorstep with few clicks on Amazon, Firstcry, Flipkart, or JioMart apps and websites! 

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