Here’s how pant-style diapers can be lifesavers for you?

Every parent of a toddler knows how hard it is to get them to be still for more than 2 seconds. Every day you have to go to war, multiple times a day to get a diaper on your high-on energy toddler who can’t seem to sit still. Hence, it can be difficult to put on tape diapers properly. An improperly fit diaper would ultimately lead to leakage making the task even more difficult and messy. Tape diapers require you to lay down your baby on their back while you secure the diaper properly, but the laying down part isn’t so easy when it concerns a toddler, is it?  

Unlike newborn babies, toddlers are a ball of energy, and they want to play, the last thing you can get them to do is to lay down. Also, when you’re not in the comfort of your house, finding a proper sanitized place to lie down your baby for a diaper change is not the idea. Hence, in situations like this, baby diaper pants come in handy. 

What Are Diaper Pants and how do they work? 

Baby diaper pants, simply put, are diapers in pants style. Instead of there being tape to secure the diaper, the waist has a super stretchy material to slide the diaper up to your baby’s legs like a pant. They’re also quite convenient to take off as instead of having to lie down your child and then take the tapes off, you can simply tear the sides of the diaper pants to take them off.

With diaper pants you just slide their legs through the pant holes and over their bottom. The stretchy material of diaper pants retracts back for a snug and soft grip, keeping the diaper in place while allowing a better range of motion to your child. So, your baby can play and move around as much as they want without the diaper moving at all. 

When to switch from Tape to Pants Diapers?

If you notice that your baby has become so active that the tape needs to be refastened constantly, it’s time to switch to a pants diaper. It is obvious that once your baby starts moving around he or she will start to dislike lying down for diaper changes. Additionally, your baby will feel uncomfortable when the tape is properly fastened. This is a clear sign to change from tape to pants diaper, which will give more comfort to the baby. You can opt for Merries S size Pants diapers perfect for babies weighing 4 kg and above. Pants diapers can be changed while the baby is standing, making diaper changes a breeze even when you’re outdoors.

Buy Baby Diapers Online 

Gone are the days when you needed to run to the convenience store every time it was time to restock your diaper stash. Parenting is a full-time responsibility as it is and with a baby, you hardly have time to do anything else. On top of juggling your work and taking care of your little one, having to run to the store multiple times a week is just an unnecessary task now. And what if the store runs out of your brand, another trip to another store? 

Leave the hassle behind and shop comfortably from your home. Now the best baby diapers in India are available online. So, you can get your package delivered right to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Merries diapers are available on multiple online shopping platforms like Amazon and Firstcry. Keep an eye out for exciting offers and save your time, energy, and money at once.

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