Have a Tension Free Festive Season with Merries


The season of festivals is here and we’re as excited as you. But the festival season also means busier hours and lesser time. Festivals are a big part of Indian culture and each and every one of them is special in its own right. And like all of us, even your little ones enjoy festivities. The lights, the colors, and the happy vibes around festivals also make your baby happy.

But festivities also mean that your parenting becomes a tad bit more difficult. With family and friends, and so many things to do, it is normal that you could forget to change your baby’s diaper, or that you’re not able to change their diaper because of the surroundings. We understand that but wet diapers are one of the biggest factors for diaper rash. So don’t worry, this festival season, Merries is here to help you take care of it.  

Choose Happy Baby diapers This Festive Season 

Don’t worry about busier, longer hours anymore, Merries diapers have found the perfect solution for you. Merries diapers have a super absorbency rate to solve that problem. Merries diapers can soak up to 200-300xtimes their weight in urine, keeping the diapers dry for long hours of the day and night.  

Not only this but Merries diapers have a clever wetness indicator that turns blue when the diaper is full. This will make it easier for you to know when you need to switch the diaper. Along with that our well-organized micro air channels in the diaper maintain proper airflow, keeping the diaper light and comfortable for your little one.  

Wet and stuffy diapers are the leading causes of diaper rash and the longer the diaper stays dry, the lower are the chances of diaper rashes. So, choose a rash-free and comfortable experience this festive season with Merries diapers. After all happy babies deserve happy baby diapers. 

Buy Baby Diaper Online 

Busier hours mean you’ll have even less time to run to the store. Say no more to running to the departmental store every two days. Buy baby diapers online easily from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep. That is one less item on your already large to-do list. The best diaper brands in India like Merries diapers are available on multiple online shopping portals like Amazon and Firstcry.  

The times of buying diapers in-store are far behind. Make one aspect of your parenting easier with Merries diapers and enjoy your festive season with your tiny one.  

Easy To Wear, Comfortable Diapers 

Putting the diapers on your toddlers can be a long battle of struggle and crying. Make your task easy now with Merries Pant Style diapers. The high elasticity of the diaper material allows you to easily slide it on your baby.

The material fits snugly against your baby’s bum and tummy. With so many things to do this festive season, struggling to put on the diaper on your baby should not be one of them. The ultra-soft and wavy material of Merries diapers fits softly and snugly on your baby, giving her a full range of motion without any leakage. So you can enjoy your festivities peacefully with your little one this season.

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