Five Self-Care Essentials for Moms on Mother’s Day 2022

Mother's Day 2022

Motherhood is a journey that takes you on unforgettable smooth, breezy rides as well as through bumpy roads at times. During pregnancy days, every woman gets the utmost attention and care from her loved ones. Once the baby steps into her life, her world revolves around it, and the same is the case with family and relatives. 

Research shows a lot of changes for the woman, especially after the birth of her child. A mother undergoes a transformation in many facets of her life leading to a shift, physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.  

It has always been Merries’ passion and pursuit to provide a mother-like warmth to babies with gentle, loving, and conscious baby care essentials. Merries aspires to make parenting a happy and blissful journey for Moms. This Mother’s Day 2022, Merries India has curated some essentials for Moms because moms need a lot of gentle care too!  

  1. Exercise, Pamper Yourself & Strengthen Your Physical Well-Being!

The benefits of exercise are known to each one of us, however, one must know about its importance and innovative ways to introduce it into our daily schedule. Your baby needs you around, hence hitting the gym will be difficult, so you can consider home-based online Yoga, Zumba, Bollywood Dancing, etc activities. 

There are core exercises and the highly recommended & extremely practical – ‘workouts with your baby’ are also specially crafted keeping new mothers in mind to take care in their postpartum phase. You may also indulge in Spa services that include mom’s special stress reliever massage or aromatherapy with Sauna. 

Each of the above activities secretes the happiness chemical called Endorphin in your brain, which helps mask postpartum physical pain, alleviates insomnia, anxiety, and depression as well as enhances your immune system, and also helps in losing weight.

  1. A Happy Mind Will Not Mind! 

Get yourself what you want, you know the best. To be in the right frame of mind, do what makes you feel happy and relaxed, like watching movies or meeting friends, etc, and don’t feel guilty about it. Everyone needs a ‘me time’, a mother too. 

Move your favorite wishlist items to the cart and reward yourself unapologetically, create a new look, and reinvent fashion that compliments you. Sketch down a skincare regime for yourself. Grooming, restyling, and rewarding will up the spirits and release the Dopamine hormone into the brain. 

  1. Fine-tune Your Emotions And Moods

There is an outburst of different emotions that are very strong to take over. Most mothers feel incompetent to cope with everything and blame themselves. They may find themselves helpless when their loved ones fail to understand them. Sometimes there are incompatible and contradictory emotions, pulling you in opposite directions like not leaving the side of your baby and stepping out to focus on your career.

The key is to sit with yourself in meditation or listen to your favorite music and let your heart direct you. Read books or listen to podcasts and embrace yourself with the feeling of being loved and practice gratitude which is the right attitude. 

This increases the levels of oxytocin in your brain, which makes you happy, lowers anxiety and stress, and builds trust and connections. Oxytocin is the very chemical that led to contractions during delivery, which also plays a role in bonding with the baby and milk production.

  1. Get Active Socially And Pave Your Path

One of the myths that mothers get fixated on is that it is difficult to carry your baby everywhere you go. Mother’s urge to step out of the house becomes subsided and then she tends to remain confined at home. 

Take measures to make you comfortable on the go with your baby. Perform a mock practice of feeding the baby, changing a Merries tape or pant-style diaper, and rocking it to sleep at home like you would do if you were out of doors or at a public park. Give yourself all the time to get cozy and comfy with it.

Once you embrace the new and start stepping out to meet friends and family, the release of the Serotonin chemical, will make you feel significant, and improve your self-esteem and social behavior. 

  1. Say No when you want to! 

Say the golden word ‘no’, especially during this new phase of motherhood, and communicate clearly. It’s important to voice your thoughts and opinions while talking to others and support your self-esteem.  A mother knows what is best for her child, so she has the right to overrule certain suggestions. Communication with family members is also crucial and can be sensitive sometimes, so calm yourself in trying times and ask for help unapologetically.

This Mother’s day is to pay respect to every mother who silently endures, makes adjustments, and unconditionally showers love, happiness, comfort, and warmth to her babies. Merries Diapers with their range of baby care essentials strives to achieve the same goal to make a mother’s life happier as well as enjoyable around her new little world. 

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