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An Exhausting First Month With Your Newborn

Being a mother is overwhelming when you come to think about it. Starting from understanding its language to picking up ways to handle the little thing, everything seems new and impossible. Having said that, things that make you feel happy despite all the issues are as simple as seeing your newborn smile or holding your finger with its little puffy cute hands. 

A new mother faces a difficult time adjusting to the presence of a little one that is dependent on her. Most moms adjust to increased hunger and keep unwell for most of the part of the day. The first month is always filled with mixed feelings and it is not new. 

Now that you are reading this, we can only assume that you are either going to be a mother who is overwhelmed with a bundle of prior experiences you heard from the mothers around you, or you are currently struggling to figure out ‘your’ right way to handle your joy of love. 

This blog is an accumulation of experiences of first-time mothers and how they created their own Newborn Baby Care. Hope you find something for yourself too. 

Happy reading!

The Tears are real but will subside eventually

Well, being a mother is the happiness of a lifetime. Having said that, it has its cons too. For example, many mothers, for that matter all the new mothers, cry, cry and cry the first month adjusting to their changing emotions and rapid mood swings. 

The first week after a baby’s birth mother is overwhelmed thinking of how beautiful their young one is, and how much they cherish their loved ones who have been around them during this tough time. In the second week generally new mothers are generally sleep deprived due to which they are exhausted. The third and fourth weeks are all about mothers missing their old life before marriage and definitely without a child. New mothers have mixed feelings about the old responsibilities and the new one that she is still trying to comprehend how to handle.

We call these tears a result of postpartum effects. The emotions are at their peak and your body is gradually coping with the changes happening in your body. If you are worried about it, do discuss it with your doctor. But please be rest assured, these tears will subside eventually. 

Newborn Baby Care with Diapers

Diapers play an important role in your newborn’s safe and secure growth. Most gonna-be-mothers stack up their almirah with baby diapers, but it generally back-fires as babies grow faster than we can envisage. Most parents give out the diapers for free to others as their baby is no longer fitting into them. 

Considering this, we can only suggest you purchase diapers as and when needed. Overbuying might end you up in a mess. As the size of the baby grows, the size of the diaper will also change, helping your newborn to stay comfortable in his/her pants. Apart from the size, we think another requisite is to look into the diaper features. The diaper for a newborn should offer breathability and softness, a wetness indicator and should be ultra water absorbent.  

Last but not least, branded diapers should be your first choice. Brands that are in the market for a long time have a particular quality that ensures 100% comfort for your child. For example, Merries diapers for newborns are very sensitive to skin. They are designed and developed with ultra-soft fabric and offer exceptional breathability for the baby’s skin. At Merries we believe that no leakage is a boon for your baby’s comfort and happiness. 

You can check out newborn baby care diapers here. 

Sleep Deprivation Isn’t Just a Word Here

Newborn baby care is no joke! Keeping yourself awake during the first month is a demanding task, let alone breastfeeding. To tell you every new mother’s experience, they face a lot of challenges adjusting to the sleep and awake time of the baby. Your baby might sleep at 11:00 at night and wake up around 2:00 in the middle of the night. At 4:00, he/she might demand some playtime leaving you no choice but to stay awake for the next hour or so. Then after playtime and breastfeeding, you will have to wake up at 7:00 in the morning to clean her/him and change the diaper.

It’s exhausting, right?

Sleep deprivation is part of the process and there is nothing you can do about it. At the utmost, you can demand your husband to wake up and clean the baby’s diaper in the middle of the night and nothing more. Hence, be ready for those days when sleep sounds like an alien notion to you.

A mother eventually comprehends and finds ways to keep her baby safe and sound. Newborn baby care for every baby and mother is overwhelming until a routine is set. But be rest assured this is the experience of all new moms and the journey only gets better always. 

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