Diapers are an imperative baby essential and also your baby’s best friend. They stay in direct contact with your baby’s skin for long hours. Hence, the diapers you buy for your little one should be comfortable. There are a few things you can keep in mind while buying baby diapers online. Here are 7 tips for buying the best diapers for your baby. 

  1. The Absorbency – The diaper’s absorbency is one of the most crucial things you need to check in the diaper. The absorbency rate tells you how quickly the wetness is absorbed in leaving the surface dry and the absorbency capacity tells you how long the diaper is going to stay dry on your baby. Some of the best diaper brands in India such as Merries diapers have a very high absorbency. Merries diapers can soak up to 200-300x times their weight in urine. That means your baby’s diaper will stay dry and comfortable  even in the morning when your baby has peed a lot overnight.
  2. The Diaper’s Fit – Another imperative factor while buying the best diaper for your child is to see the diaper’s fit. Bad fitting diapers lead to leakage and that is something no one wants. A good diaper fits perfectly on your baby’s bum and stays snug around their tummy; not too loose and not too tight. But putting the diaper on your toddlers can be a battle you rarely triumph easily. Hence, you should opt for easy fit baby diapers that have good elasticity. In Merries diapers, there is no easier way to put on the diaper than to slide it on your baby. Good elastic material stretches 2.5 times while you put it on your baby and retracts back to a snug fit while it’s on. 
  3. Comfort – Diaper materials are also an important factor while choosing the right diapers. As your baby’s diaper stays in direct contact with your baby’s sensitive skin, if the material isn’t soft enough then it can chafe your baby’s skin. If you see redness or red marks around your baby’s tummy or thighs then that is probably because your diaper isn’t right for your child. At Merries, we use an ultra-soft and wavy material that sits snugly against your baby’s skin without chafing it.  
  4. Wetness Indicator – Look for wetness indicator in the diapers. Some of the best diaper brands such as Merries diapers have a wetness indicator in them that turns blue when it’s full. That way it would be easier for you to know when you need to change the diaper. Wet diapers can lead to higher chances of diaper rash and we don’t want that. 
  5. Micro-air Channels – An understated factor that plays a big role. Happy baby diapers like Merries have well-organized micro-air channels in the diapers to allow proper airflow in the diaper. This releases heat and keeps it comfortable to wear for your baby.  
  6. Buy diapers online – This tip will make your parenting life easier. Babies require a lot of diapers and that means too many trips to the departmental stores. Enough of that, the best diaper brands in India like Merries diapers are available online. You can easily order them from online shopping portals and have your baby diaper delivered to your doorstep.  
  7. Dermatologically tested brands – Always opt for the best diaper brands in India for your baby. Diapers that are well-trusted, reviewed, and recommended by moms themselves should be your first choice. A good measure to rest your concerns is to check for diapers that are dermatologically testedcertified as safe for baby skin. Merries is made with superior Japanese technology and dermatologically tested for diaper rash in India.

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