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Mothers have nailed the art of multitasking in this new age. There are a host of things that need to be done on a daily basis. She is accountable to take care of her physical and mental health and those around her as well. The endless house chores and social meetups add to the list. She keeps juggling tasks one after the other, each of which is categorically different from the other. 

Despite all the hustle and bustle throughout the day, her greatest priority and concern remains her baby and her baby’s well-being. One of the most recurring activities of which is changing her baby’s diaper. The crux of using any diaper in an optimum way is to change it promptly at the precise time. 

A baby in the initial years grows in leaps and bounds sometimes rapidly and undergoes a lot of change including the frequency and timelines from the baby consuming the food to removing the waste. This makes the process extremely taxing and worrisome for the mothers. 

Why do many new-age Mothers prefer disposable diapers?

Considering all the delays we face from time to time, cabs arriving late, traffic jams, long queues, emergencies, important phone calls, health issues, etc. Who does not need grace time? The use of disposable diapers grants this grace time of a few extra minutes to the mothers for changing diapers. Disposable diapers such as Merries diapers are made of extra magical substances that help absorb the stuff leaving the baby’s skin clean and dry. 

Instances of mothers stepping out of the house have increased and most of our wonder women are ‘working mothers’. Even the daycare units housing babies on parents’ behalf insist on disposable diaper usage for ease of change and being less prone to rashes. 

What are the diaper variants available?

Diapers are available in tape or pant style that essentially differs only in their wrapping technique around the toddler’s waist. The underlying matter, materials used and the softness of both diapers remain the same, they only differ on the basis of their style and design. Merries tape and pant-style diapers are loved by mothers for their promise of safety and gentle care.  

When to switch from Merries Tape to Pant Diapers?

Newborns should perceive mother-like warmth with their diapers too! Merries being a premium Japanese brand provides expert gentle care through research baked products. Merries Tape diapers are the most comfortable choice for newborns weighing between 0 to 5 kgs, as they are lying down most of the time. This makes it easy to slide the Merries tape diapers in and out and it also has a perfect snug fit!  

When your toddler starts exploring your abode still trying to find their balance will be the right time to switch to Merries pant-style diapers. Merries pants diapers are convenient to change in different postures to avoid the battle with your infant to keep them lying on a base. Once they learn about this independence to move around, it is next to impossible to keep them reposed.    

Perks of Pant Style Diapers

Merries pant-style diapers fit snugly to even the most active babies while the air-through system keeps your toddler’s bottom airy and dry. Airy channels around the sweat zone release heat and moisture through the unique waist gathers. The breathable sheet that covers the pee zone, absorbs the pee while releasing all the moisture and stuffiness. The flexible design stretches the diaper 2.5 times more than its size. 

Every bit and part of the diaper that touches your baby’s skin is to give a mother-like warmth. The capacity of absorbance is enough for a long night of peaceful sleep to keep your child cheerful and smiling. Another special feature that makes a parent’s life easy is the color-changing wetness indicator that gives you a cue to change them. 

Pant-style diapers are so easy to change and provide a perfect flexi-fit around the tummy which allows your growing baby to move freely. The perfect snug fit of Merries pant style diapers around the tummy and thighs leaves no gap and restrains leakage.

Online Purchases are Quick & Easy!  

Merries India recommends its patrons buy tape and pant diapers online for a hassle-free experience. Why stand in long queues, carry huge packages and waste your time when the same services can be availed sitting at home?

If parents plan properly, they can even get rid of shipping charges. On the contrary, if you need diapers on an urgent basis the e-commerce platforms have all the provisions to set it right for you as per your priority. 

Established online e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart, and Firstcry offer flawless services for Merries India. During festivals or special days like Mother’s Day or Children’s Day, one can benefit from the exclusive discounts made available on them.

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