Best Baby Diapers That are Gentle To Your Baby?

Best Baby Diapers

Parenting is being as vigilant and ready as you can be and still learning something new about your baby and their requirements every day. Baby diapers are one of the most imperative baby essentials your child requires in their everyday life. A newborn baby goes through anywhere between 10-15 diapers a day and while the number goes down as they grow up, your baby is going to require that diaper for a while, until they’re fully potty trained. 

So, a product that stays in direct contact with your baby’s sensitive skin must be the best-suited for them, or else a problem arises. The most common one of these problems is diaper rashes. Diapers rashes, although fairly common in babies, are the main reason for discomfort for them. Basically, a skin irritation, some common symptoms of diaper rashes include redness, itchy or inflamed skin, scabs, around your baby’s bottom or their intimate area. 

And though there is no sure shot way of preventing diaper rash from happening, you can always avoid the main causes of diaper rash to decrease the chances. The best way to avoid diaper rash is to use a baby diaper that would reduce the instances of diaper rash. But first, what are the reasons for diaper rashes?  

  • Baby’s pee and poo contain substances that can cause skin irritation.  
  • Stuffy, humid diapers or moisture trapped in the diaper  
  • Irritation caused by constant friction   
  • Bacterial and fungal infections are other reasons.  

In the end, it all comes down to the diaper you use that can either decrease or increase the chances of diaper rashes. Therefore, it is best to use baby diapers that won’t give your kid diaper rash. So, here is how Merries diapers are formulated to be gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Merries Diapers, Gentle Baby Diapers

We understand that baby care essentials such as a diaper that stays in direct contact with your baby’s skin needs to be formulated with precision and care. That is why Merries diapers have; 

  • A High Absorbent Core – One of the leading causes of diaper rash is due to wet diapers. Generally, you should be changing your baby’s diapers immediately if soiled. But sometimes that is difficult if you’re out so we’re using highly absorbent polymers that soak up to 200-300 times the weight of urine relative to its weight. 
  • Exceptional breathability– A humid, and moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for a bacterial and fungal infection that causes diaper rash and stuffy diapers lead to that. Therefore, Merries newborn diapers, as well as toddler diapers, have well-organized micro-air channels in them to maintain a steady airflow in the diaper, keeping them dry and airy. At Merries we when it comes to babies, a breathable diaper means a comfortable and happy baby and that is what Merries diaper strives for. 
  • A Wetness Indicator – Parenting isn’t just about changing diapers; you have a hundred other things to do simultaneously. Hence, we understand how it can be a little difficult to keep track of the diaper change all the time. Hence, our clever wetness indicator takes care of that problem. The wetness indicator turns blue when full, so you can easily keep a track of when to change the diaper to reduce the chance that wet diapers sitting on your baby’s skin cause diaper rash. 
  • An Ultra-Soft Material – A baby care essential that stays in direct contact with your baby’s skin for such long hours should be comfortable. At Merries our diapers are made with an ultra-soft and fluffy material that sits soft yet snugly against your baby’s sensitive skin and minimizes contact with skin. 

Super Stretchability – If a baby is wearing diapers that are too tight, the constant friction between the skin and the diaper may cause inflammation. Our diapers allow a better range of motion as it fits snugly against your baby’s skin, giving them a perfect, and snug fit and ample range of motion to play around with. 

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