Be Holi-Ready With Our Baby Skin Care Tips

Holi is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting festivals in India. It is a time of spreading joy with family and friends. The festival of colours and games delights everyone, especially the little ones. However, it is important to supervise and take special care of your baby especially when it comes to taking care of their skin. 

Babies have very soft and sensitive skin. This makes it more vulnerable to infections, irritations and allergies than adults. There can be many possible harmful effects of color on a baby’s skin. Read on to find the best skincare tips for babies to be Holi-ready and enjoy the festival without any worries. 

Proper bathing – It is crucial to bathe your baby properly after the Holi festival played with colours. Lukewarm water plus effective and safe baby care products should be your choice to wash baby’s skin and remove colour if any.

Use skin moisturizer – After enjoying the festival of colours and washing your baby clean, applying a thick layer of moisturizer on your baby’s skin will help. This will prevent dryness of the skin after washing. Although, it is highly advised not to take infants out.

Baby Diaper – In the hustle and bustle of the festival, changing diapers is something you must remember as parents.  The wetness and stuffiness in the baby diapers is a main reason for diaper rash. Therefore, checking the diapers frequently and changing them is also an important skincare routine for your baby.  Merries diapers have a wetness indicator which makes it easy to find the timing to change. In addition, Merries’ diapers have high breathability and softness, so they are gentle to the skin. They are also dermatologically tested for diaper rash in India.

Follow these skin care tips so you can worry less and enjoy the Holi while taking good care for your baby. Celebrate this festival of colors with smiles and more smiles.

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