A baby’s skin is only half as thick as an adult’s skin. So, it needs delicate care the most.
Bring home gentle diapers like Merries and ease your worries.

Exceptional breathability: Releases heat and moisture to keep baby comfortable

The skin of a newborn baby is very sensitive. Even an ill-fitting newborn baby diaper can hurt the skin. Make sure you have a gentle newborn baby diaper like Merries. Merries newborn baby diapers are made with ultra-soft fabric and exceptional breathability which is perfect for newborn baby skin. The super-absorbent newborn baby diapers ensure that there is no leakage. Keep your baby happy and comfortable always.

The moment when your baby starts to crawl is an important phase in your life too! The chances of a baby being more active increase after they learn to crawl. This is the time that most mothers prefer pant style newborn baby diapers that are easy to change and allow the baby to move freely. For newborn baby  diapers that adapt to the needs of your growing baby, trust Merries!

Super absorbency: Draws in and locks away pee ensuring hygiene

Soft, airy and wavy mesh of the pant style diapers draws out all the moisture and heat through the recessed area giving exceptional breathability. The ultra-soft material inside the diaper is gentle on the baby’s skin. A wetness indicator on the diaper turns dark blue so you know when it is time to change.

Ultra-soft: Ultra-soft fabric is gentle on the sensitive baby skin

The snug fit of Merries newborn baby diapers cuddles the baby gently ensuring breathability. The soft material of the newborn baby diaper with its super-absorbent polymer keeps your baby dry and hygienic helping avoid rashes.

Stretchable: 2.5 times stretchable newborn baby diapers fit baby’s body snugly and avoids rashes

Making your baby feel cosy is our utmost concern. The unique waist gathers with airy channels release heat keeping the baby at ease and comfortable. Forget leakage with Merries thanks to the super absorbent polymers that soak 200-300 times the weight of fluid relative to its weight. Let your baby sleep undisturbed all night. Merries have newborn baby diapers that stretch 2.5 times more to fit the baby’s body contours perfectly.

No leakage: The side and back gathers keep baby happy at all times

Don’t worry if your baby has peed a lot in the night. Merries newborn baby diapers with its super absorbent polymers will soak it all and keep your baby hygienic. The 2.5 times stretchability of Merries ensures exceptional breathability which enhances the baby’s comfort.

Wetness indicator: Know when it is time to change newborn baby diapers

Merries understands the growing needs of your baby. The easy fit gathers allow the newborn baby diaper to stretch 2.5 times more. This means a newborn baby diaper that is not too tight on the baby’s tummy and gives better inner leg comfort. The fit does not leave any gaps, thereby preventing leakages. So, no matter how active your baby is Merries has you covered.

Merries Newborn Baby Diapers

Merries baby essentials online are available in Tape Diapers for newborns and Pants style Diapers to suit the different needs of every growing baby. The tape diapers are better suited for newborns and are carefully crafted keeping in mind the child’s comfort. The material of Merries premium diapers gives it exceptional breathability. The micro-airy channels help keep the diaper surface that is in contact with the baby’s sensitive skin dry. Merries size guide helps you choose the perfect fit for your baby.

The Merries diaper sizes start from newborn size of up to 5kgs, Small (S) for 4-8 kg child, Medium(M) for 6-11 kgs, Large(L) for 9-14 kgs, XL for 12-22 kg, and XXL for 15-28 kg weighing child. A baby’s skin is quite sensitive, even pee and sweat can potentially irritate their skin and cause diaper rash. Hence the Merries baby diapers online are designed with micro-air channels to keep the baby dry and comfortable through the day and night; happy babies make happy parents. Essentially providing you with better rash free diapers.

As babies grow, their movements rapidly increase. They walk, run, play, and are active all the time. Tape diapers are well suited for a newborn child but an older baby means a lot of energy and mobility. For premium newborn baby diapers like Merries to do its job well and not hinder your baby’s movement at the same time, Merries pant style newborn baby diapers come in handy. Merries newborn baby diapers pant-style have 2.5 times stretchability which makes them super easy to put it on your child. The material fits snuggly against the baby’s skin and keeps a steady grip even when your baby is on the move. Merries premium newborn baby diaper material, especially for newborns and children under the size S, and M are carefully crafted to have a unique, soft, and wavy surface design to help prevent friction against your baby’s supple skin that can cause diaper rash. The newborn baby diapers come with a clever wetness indicator that changes color to signal when it’s time to change.