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Merries has been repeatedly voted as the No.1* most loved baby essentials brand by moms in Japan and is delighted to now be in India to spread smiles to babies and parents alike. With exceptional breathability, high absorbency core, wetness indicator, and soft-snug fit, Merries premium diapers ensure the baby is comfortable and playful.

*Chosen by vote in Japan; “Love to recommend to other moms after actual use”

Merries is available on Firstcry, Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm Mall. Now ordering the best diaper brands is just a click away. You can easily order from the comfort of your home and receive the order at your doorstep.  Watch out for lucrative offers going on from time to time.

Merries baby diapers are available in both tape-style and pant style diapers. If your little one is a newborn then tape-style diapers are the product you’re looking for but if your little one has started to wriggle around or even walk then pant-style diapers should be your go to product. Easy to put on, better grip, and a snug fit allows your tiny one to move around as freely as they want to without you having to worry about the leakage. No more hassle walks to the convenience stores searching for your brand and size.