Are Taped Diapers a Good Choice?

Merries Tape Diapers

Only Mom Knows When! 

All of us are indeed dependent on our Moms, despite us turning into adulthood and being mature enough. For certain matters to date, only mom knows when, how, and where! And this journey began for her long ago, when it was the first time for her to decide, which diaper will be best suitable for her child’s needs. 

The Pool Of Information And Advice! 

No matter how much information a mother receives from the whole world and the internet, regarding taking care of her baby, she is the right person to take the final call. Because only a mother knows how the baby is doing and is only concerned about the baby’s comfort and well-being.

Every blog or personal advice certainly helps her to make decisions. But we must acknowledge the fact that information is given by cumulative sample experiments and experiences and gives one a fair idea to take action. However, only a parent knows exactly when that timeline has reached for their child. 

Tape or Pant style Diapers – Important Factors To Be Considered

  • Baby’s umbilical cord care
  • Baby’s age and weight
  • Frequency & Ease of Diaper change

Baby’s Umbilical Cord Care

A Merries Tape Diaper is a good choice for newborns especially when their umbilical cord is not fallen off. Parents have to take intensive care in this area otherwise dampness or any other residues may lead to infection and reddening or thickening of the skin. 

Merries Tape Diapers can be easily fastened under the baby’s navel area keeping the umbilical cord away and secured. Parents can rest assured with Merries Tape diapers that have soft edges to avoid friction with the cord.

Usually, it takes up to 10 days or three weeks for your baby to shed the umbilical cord once it is dry enough. This is a natural process and it only requires cleaning and care from the parents. If needed you may easily fold down the edge of your Merries diaper to prevent any contact with the cord. 

Baby’s Age And Weight

The right age for Tape Diapers is when your baby has yet not started to crawl and explore the world around itself. From zero to three months, your baby is simply lying on its back sleeping or breastfeeding, in the early days where it is more comfortable to slide a Merries Diapers in and out. Merries Tape Diapers are the best choice for your baby who weighs up to 5kgs when they are unable to sit or stand by themselves. 

A baby starts movement anytime between three to nine months or so, and that is when one can switch to pant-style diapers. When your baby is active, it is very difficult to keep them calm enough to do this tedious job of changing diapers. 

Frequency and the Process of Diaper Change!

Merries Tape Diapers are ideal for newborns because, in the very first month, the baby will frequently urinate and excrete. The frequency is at least three times a day which reduces over time once your baby is three months old.  You can find baby diaper online at Merries Website.

Merries Tape Diapers have a soft reusable magical seal that allows you to quickly open and reclose the tape without any hassle to check if it is the right time to change or not. Also, you should consider switching to the next available size of Merries Tape Diaper if you experience leaks frequently. While changing your baby’s diaper, there are several points to keep in mind,

  • Remove the tapes, roll the soiled diaper up tightly and seal firmly and fasten it with the tapes before throwing it away. Merries diapers are specially designed to make changing diapers easy, efficient, and without any fuss. 
  • Avoid using cotton swabs, rather use disinfectant gentle baby wipes to clean your baby efficiently after removing the used taped diaper.
  • If you are planning a long day for you and your baby, include petroleum jelly or any recommended cream or ointment to prevent rashes for the day.
  • Lift the baby by holding their feet with soft hands and slide the opened fresh taped diaper in, next use your fingers to adjust the side gathers, and then fasten the tapes ensuring both tapes are symmetrical. 
  • Make sure you give a perfect grip to the tapes otherwise a loosely taped diaper may leak whereas a tightly wrapped diaper may cause redness and rashes

Why is changing a Merries Tape Diaper super convenient?

Merries Tape Diapers are designed keeping important details in mind that are based on the practicality & comfort of the parents as much as of the babies. The soft reusable magic seal edges are colored in green so that it is easy to spot it even during night changes. To keep away your baby’s skin from scratches, the corners of the tapes are rounded and soft. 

The special scale design helps parents to fasten the tape symmetrically for a perfect fit from both sides of the waist. Every Merries tape diaper has color-changing wetness indicators that turn dark blue when it is the ideal time for changing the diaper. Merries diapers can be purchased online without any hassles from Amazon and Firstcry platforms, where there are amazing combo deals available too! Purchases can now also be made on the JioMart and Flipkart e-commerce websites.

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