Who are We Merries India

Merries was first established in 1983, and ever since, it has strived to achieve the– Smile Smile goal: gentle on the skin, comfortable for the baby. The name “Merries” comes from the word “merry” which means cheerful and smiley. The idea also comes from the mobile merry-go rounds that are hung over the babies’ cribs to make them smile. Merries logo is shaped like a cradle of the child but it also looks like a heart to signify the parents’ love for their baby. The main goal is to keep babies happy and comfortable 24 hours a day, 365 days.

Merries are much more than just a diaper. We strive to bring happiness and joy into the baby’s home through our products and even our packaging. Even the fluffy white Merries Bunnies have a cute fairytale associated with them. We do everything to make sure your child has a happy and comfortable day and night. We use our R&D-focused experience to make our products even gentler on the skin, which is widely loved in Japan and other countries worldwide. Baby skin research and analysis are conducted together with pediatricians and dermatologists. The products undergo extensive pre-market quality and safety checks.

The production plants in Japan work under multiple checks with highly sensitive sensors to monitor the production process that prevents the diapers from getting contaminated. The diapers are also double-checked again manually with human eyes as part of Merries’ rigorous quality control before being dispatched for sales.