A Guide for First-Time Parents

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  • October 13, 2021
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After the most awaited nine months, a joyous delivery comes the even most exciting and stressful part of parenting, which is taking care of the baby. Parenting as joyous and exciting of an experience it is, can also be quite daunting, stressing and fatigue induced.
And rightly so, it can appear a little daunting, especially for first-time rents. Hence, to help soothe that fear, and take that stress down a couple of notches, here is a guide for first-time parents.

● Take care of yourself: Parenting is basically you having to be on your feet, watching, feeding,nappy changing, and watching over your child 24×7. But do not neglect your own health while doing so. Build a schedule, take a nap when your baby is sleeping, have a nighttime schedule with your partner so that you both can watch over the baby and still get your sleep, and eat healthily.
● The power of physical touch: Babies build trust and emotional connections through physical touch as they can’t speak as you can just yet. So, it is imperative that you have that time of physical closeness with your child to build trust and connection with them. Take them in your arms, play with them, talk to them, and maintain eye contact with them, so that your baby gets familiar with you.
● Be prepared for an emotional ride: It is normal to feel a myriad of emotions just coursing through you ranging from the intense joy of giving birth, admiring their tiny fingers, to going into absolute anxiety over raising a kid and losing your independence all within one hour. So, be prepared for that and don’t get scared. It is completely normal.
● Taking care of baby needs: There are few courses routine steps you need to do in order to take care of your child properly, mainly boil their water before feeding them, sanitize the surfaces you put your baby on, give them a bath with lukewarm water, feed them nutritious baby food and breast milk, choose the right baby products, and so on. That brings us to our next tip.
● Breast Feeding: A mother’s breast milk contains important nutrition that helps a baby grow.But if for some reason you cannot breastfeed your child, don’t be disheartened. Use formula milk and other baby products, that is also just fine.
● Diapering: Probably one of the most important ones. You’ll quickly realize how important diapers are in parenting. That is why choose the right diapers for your child. Taped diapers for newborns, diaper pants for toddlers. Always keep a pack of diapers on you in case you’re going to be out for longer hours, and choose from the best diaper brands in India such as Merries diapers. Some key features you should look for in your baby’s diapers are breathability to provide steady airflow in the diaper keeping it light and comfortable, a higher absorbency so that the diaper surface stays dry longer, a wetness indicator to help you keep a track of the diaper change, a soft snug fit to prevent any leakage or skin irritation and stretchability to aid you in putting the diaper on easily.
● Have visiting rules: New baby means your friends and family will frequently visit you. Establish some ground rules like asking them to wash their hands or sanitize them before picking up the baby and let them know when it is fine for them to visit and how much time you have. Also, if you feel tired then let them know that you’re not up for a visit.
● Don’t hesitate to ask for help: Parenting causes fatigue even on a good day, so don’t hesitate to ask for help from your trustworthy, closest family, and friends. Ask them to watch over your kid while taking a break, or fold laundry for you, or just help you with the tasks in general.
● Enjoy the moments: As stressful as parenting is, it is also the most exciting part so take a moment and enjoy yourself, make memories and cherish them before children grow up faster than you could imagine.

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