A Big shout out to all Dads – Happy Father’s Day!

It is time to give credit to that one person who always puts their baby’s comfort before themselves. Whether it is providing for the family, taking care of things, listening to demands, and fulfilling wishes; sounds like a father. With a newborn baby, a father is also born, a protector, a provider, a caretaker, a father has many roles. So, this Father’s Day; Merries celebrates the love and joy of being a dad. 

Celebrated on the third Sunday every June, Father’s Day is the perfect day to cherish and show love to all the dads out there. Because unlike a mother’s love for her children, fathers are usually on the quieter side of showing affection. They show their love through their actions and their efforts. And one thing every parent does and wants more than anything else is the comfort of their children. So here we are, celebrating fatherhood; this is for all the single dads, the quiet dads, the affectionate dads, the loud dads, the playful dads, the classic dads, and the modern dads; here’s wishing you a Merries Father’s Day! 

Merries Diapers And The Comfort We Strive For 

Just like parents strive to do everything in their power to keep their child happy and healthy, Merries also strives to make the perfect diaper that will keep your baby comfortable and happy. An imperative baby essential is baby diapers. Ever since their creation, parenting and diapers go hand in hand. The popularity comes from the fact that disposable diapers are easy to use and easy to dispose of. What better partner a dad can ask for to avoid mess. Premium brands such as Merries, strive to provide you with the best diapers out here, we try to make parenting a little easier, after all a happy baby means a happy parent. Especially for new parents, parenthood can be stressful, as joyous as it is, it is also a big responsibility. And it is amazing to see how a small part of it can have such a big impact on the baby; aka, choosing the right diapers.  

How Merries Diapers Make Parenting Fun And Easy For Dads?

Parenting is fun, heartwarming, and joyous. But it can be stressful too, especially if you’re a father trying to get your little one to stay still for even a second. Putting a diaper on your child is probably the biggest battle of parenting 101 for newbie daddies. But we at Merries, just as we strive for the baby’s comfort, we also strive for the parent’s convenience. So here are a few things that make at least one part of your parenting easier for our dads out there.

  • Pant-Style Diapers: Merries diapers come in both Tape-style and Pant-style diapers. Though Tape-style diapers are suited for newborns, as soon as your baby starts to move, be it wriggle, turn, crawl or walk,  you need to switch to Pant-Style diapers. They’re easier to put on, all you need to do is put your palms through the two-leg holes and slide the diaper on your baby, and you’re done. See? No trying to figure out the sorcery of where the tape sticks anymore!
  • Easy To Dispose: Another reason why it is convenient to use Pant-style diapers is how easy and quick it is to remove them. All you gotta do is just tear the sides down and bam, it’s off! 
  • The Wetness Indicator: It can be hard to keep a track of when to switch your baby’s diapers. What if you remove it and it’s not wet? To fix this and make things even easier for parents, especially dads, Merries diapers have a clever wetness indicator that turns blue when the diaper is full. Quick, convenient, and hassle-free.
  • Better movement: Now you don’t have to worry about the diaper displacing from its place and causing leakage. Merries diapers have a soft grip and snug fit to make sure the diaper stays in place, allowing a lot more range of motion to your baby. Now sit back, relax and watch your little one play as much as they want.

So daddy’s, while you enjoy your special day with the little one by your side you can just as easily impress the mommy’s and have your demands fulfilled. After all, it’s Father’s day!

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  1. Merries are perfect diapers . Absorbent capacity is too good . No competition of Merries in market i can bet that.

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