5 Pregnancy Tips for the first time Mommies

first time pregnancy

Pregnancy is a lifetime experience for a mom. While it comes with loads of happiness and joyful moments, it has its own moments of challenges. Most pregnant women complain of numerous pregnancy and postpartum issues that might differ from woman to woman.

We have together brought you tips to have a healthy and stress-free pregnancy. Let’s go through them. 

5 Tips for a Health Pregnancy

  1. Keep Your Body Active

Most families and women believe that during pregnancy exercising might deplete the health of the mother or put the life of the baby at risk. But the studies show something else. According to a study conducted on pregnant women, it is seen that women who exercised 1-2 times per week were less likely to report depression. While another study showed that pregnant women exercising 4 times per week reported decreased low moments. 

Your gynaecologist will concur with the research above. Exercise does not harm the baby or the mother in any way if done in a prescribed way. It in fact aids the healthy delivery of a healthy baby after nine months. Hence, if you are going to be a first-time mom, you need to start exercising to keep your body active. 

If you were exercising before, keep it going and if you are starting now, choose light exercises and keep strengthening your body by increasing the exercise level day by day. You have multiple options to consider when it comes to exercise including Yoga, Walking, and Swimming. They are low-impact exercises that ensure you are able to enjoy what you are doing while offering your little one good care from outside. 

  1. Don’t Miss Out On Your Vitamins

As much as you hate taking medicines, after getting pregnant you will have to add them to your everyday routine. Gynaecologists suggest folic acid and other vitamins support your baby’s healthy growth. Well, the question is why?

The baby in your womb needs additional support to grow. Folic acid in particular helps prevent birth defects including spine and brain development also known as Neural Tube Defects (NTD).

Hence, folic acid and vitamin tablets are compulsory supplements that can support your child’s growth. 

  1. Think About Parental Classes

Since you are going to be a new mother, you would require to know stuff because after your baby is born there will be no time to learn the smallest of things including breastfeeding techniques, diaper wrapping and unwrapping techniques, things to know about a newborn child and baby care. 

All this information will be available to you in the parental class. Hence, it will be a good exercise to go with your husband for parental classes before the baby is born. 

Most mothers stack a pile of diapers as soon as the baby is born, however, it is wrong. The baby keeps growing according to which the size of the diaper also changes. 

Merries have different diaper sizes for the different baby age groups. Starting from newborns to your little ones growing faster than you can notice, Merries has diapers for every age group sufficing the needs of your young ones. You can check out the Merries diapers here. (The link to the diapers page will be given here.)

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Have you ever thought about why pregnant women are asked to stay hydrated? Well, water is a necessity for a pregnant mother to stay healthy and reduce stress and anxiety. More water in the body helps eliminate toxins and waste, reduce swelling, build new tissues, carry nutrients, enhance digestion, decrease the chances of infection in the Urinary Tract, keep the body cooler, and soften skin. 

The advantages are quite a lot hence it should no more be a question but an everyday routine. If you are a person who finds it difficult to gulp even a liter of water, you can add more juicy fruits, milk, juices and beverages to your diet. 

  1. Rest Enough 

Doctors, during your pregnancy, will advise you to take at least 8 hours of sound sleep. Most doctors advise rest and short naps between work during pregnancy as an unrested mother’s body can lead to multiple pregnancy complications including preeclampsia, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Hence, while you are working, you need to take enough rest to ensure you are not overstressing your body as it may affect your child’s health as well. 

As a brand that stands for happy and healthy baby care, we have poured in all the relevant information we have gained through the years of interacting with new mommies. In the end, we would like to congratulate you on the new happiness coming your way and hope you enjoy these nine months with love and great baby care. 

Happy Pregnancy!

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