4 Solutions to Halt Bedwetting in Toddlers and Children

While seeing your little one grow into a big boy or girl, you have to withstand several roadblocks including weak immunity, hyperactive behaviour, laziness and sometimes bedwetting. As parents, it is essential for you to know when it is fine to ignore your child’s usual behaviour and when to consult a doctor to avoid any further health issues. 

Bedwetting or what doctors call nighttime incontinence or nocturnal enuresis is one of the issues that parents find hard to decipher. Most kids by the age of 5 get perfect toilet training, but they still wet their beds while asleep at night. 

If you are also facing the same issue with your child, please consider it a normal issue amongst kids between the ages of 0-7. Please don’t blame yourself for it. It’s not a sign of toilet training gone bad, but a normal child development. Some children’s bodies are able to mature their bladder faster than others due to which they stop bedwetting between the ages of 3-5. 

However, if your child is wetting his bed even after good toilet training, please treat the problem with patience and understanding. Do not embarrass your child as he isn’t to be blamed. Let’s know what are the major causes of bedwetting after toilet training. 

Causes of Bedwetting in Children & Toddlers

Some of the major causes of bedwetting in toddlers and children are:-

  1. Stress & Anxiety
  2. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  3. Chronic Constipation
  4. Hormonal Imbalance
  5. Diabetes
  6. Sleep Apnea
  7. Heredity
  8. Late Bladder Maturation
  9. Small Bladder
  10. Structural problem in the Nervous System or Urinary Tract

Now that you know the major reasons for bedwetting among children and toddlers, the next step is to comprehend the solution for the same. However, before moving forward, you as parents, need to understand that every child is different and so the solution is also going to be unique.  Let’s see 4 ways to stop or tackle the bedwetting problem in children and toddlers. Hope they help you handle the issue better!

4 Solutions to Stop Bedwetting

  1. Acknowledge and Comfort Your Child

As much as you are tired of cleaning the sheets and giving toilet training to your child, you have to maintain your patience to let him grow at his own pace. Sometimes bedwetting is not just the result of bad toilet training but an unconscious internal problem that your child will eventually grow out of. 

Bedwetting can be very embarrassing for kids, especially older ones. In such a scenario, your first impulse should be to avoid any discussion regarding the incident, however, this can worsen things. Your kid needs you to assure him that it is normal for children to wet their bed and it will eventually fade away. 

Why this solution: Well, if your child is stressed out or anxious, he might not be talking to you. And as discussed above, stress and anxiety can be a reason for frequent bedwetting. If you open up to him, he will be able to openly explain his problem to you. 

  1. Use Diapers

Growing up kids get excellent toilet training, however, sometimes kids might take time to adapt to it. Hence, during the course, you can make use of diapers for your kids at night. 

Some parents believe that using diapers at a time while they are in toilet training is incorrect. It’s partially wrong!

Your kid is still understanding the nitty-gritty of toilet training, hence making mistakes like peeing in bed is normal. To make sure your kid and you have a sound sleep at night until his body is ready to accept and understand the concept of bladder control, you can use diapers. 

It’s only appropriate to use diapers to ensure you don’t have to wash multiple sheets at night and get up in the middle of the night to see if your child is sleeping on a wet bed. 

Merries offer baby care products like Diapers that are produced for all ages ensuring comfort and flexibility for your growing child. It offers long-lasting dryness and breathability for the area ensuring no rashes and redness occur with time. Your child can have a sound sleep in case he has a habit of bedwetting with Merries Diapers. Check out Merries Diapers for different age groups here. (Hyperlink the website or Amazon page)

Why this solution: Diapers are a great solution for toddlers as they are still getting their toilet training. You cannot expect them to instantly learn bladder control, hence, diapers will help them keep the bed dry all night. 

  1. Avoid Liquids Prior to Bedtime

As adults, we know when we have to go to the washroom during the night, growing children are still learning the art of bladder control. In such a scenario, it is always best to avoid liquid intake prior to bedtime. As parents, you can increase the liquid intake in the afternoon or morning and reduce it at night. 

This will ensure your child does not have a need to go to the washroom or wet their bed in the middle of the night. In fact, to be doubly sure, you can make him pee right before going to bed.

Why this solution: If you ensure there is no water or liquid intake prior to your child’s bedtime, there are minimal chances of him wetting the bed while asleep. It saves your child from embarrassment and you from the pain of washing the sheets repeatedly. 

  1. Bladder Training

Bladder training is a great solution for your child. In a bladder training program at home, you take your child to the washroom at a set time even if they do not have the need to pee at that very moment. This type of consistency stimulates bladder training and eventually helps your child to understand when to go to the washroom in the middle of the night. 

Why this solution: Bladder control comes with time, but first you need to introduce your child to it for him to recognise when his bladder is full. 

If your child is still wetting his bed during the night, fret not. You can consult a doctor to understand the real problem. The doctor can help your child open up and share his issues. If bedwetting is genuinely a problem, the doctor will give medicines and a few exercises for your child to follow and learn bladder control eventually. 

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